Netflix will now be able to curate your homepage with the relevant recommendations for you with the introduction of new two thumbs up button on the platform.

The Two Thumbs up button is all set to be added to existing Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons serving the same purpose of guiding Netflix to recommend more relevant options for its users to watch. However, the Two Thumbs Up button has been added to the queue of existing options in order to know about the kind of stuff they really like. Also, the reason behind the addition of this feature is a really high number of requests from the users worldwide, says the company.

According to an interview of Christine Doig-Cardet, director of product innovation and personalization experiences at Netflix with the Verge, “Members have never had as many great entertainment options as they have right now. Being able to find the shows and movies that you’re going to love is really important. We want to continue to make Netflix the place where it’s easiest to choose something to watch.”

In 2017, Netflix introduced the separate Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down button, replacing its five-star rating system. Doig-Cardet of Netflix added that users were dissatisfied with the mere indication of titles they liked or disliked and therefore, there should be a separate button to let the users navigate through the Netflix content in its huge library of movies and TV shows.

Among the top OTTs, Netflix is the one that provides the most user-specific content that’s coming up with the new options and features that help users to stream the content they like to watch online.

You will now be able to find the new Two Thumbs Up button next to the existing Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons on Netflix on Web, Android, TV, and iOS devices from today.