Samsung is on the verge of launching its 32-inch 4k M8 monitor, a smart monitor that will be available in captivating colors, including green, blue, white, and pink. A white-colored monitor will have the lowest cost, with the other three for $30 more.

In CES 2022, Samsung announced to dispatch a series of M8 monitors without revealing the initial price of any of them. Even the company did not reveal the color(s) it would be sporting.  Additionally, the release date for M8 monitors is yet to be confirmed. Therefore, those interested in purchasing the one can only reserve a piece until the launch. Once you reserve a piece via e-mail, you will then be able to preorder with the inclusion of $100 credited to your Samsung account for future use.

The pastel shades of the monitor make it the fit among the M1 iMacs features in similar shades and thin profile. Moreover, Samsung’s built-in features sound much more relevant at an affordable price as compared to Apple’s iMacs.

Additionally, this marvelous piece is potent in streaming applications such as TV Plus, Netflix, Disney Plus, with the support of built-in HDR 10+ and the speakers. Also, you have the option for video chats via Google Duo with the integrated webcam support, and it comes with the incorporation of face tracking and auto-zoom functions. Once you connect your monitor with the keyboard and mouse, you will also be able to use the web apps like Microsoft 365 with Samsung’s M8 monitor. Besides, it can also be controlled using Alexa, Google Assistant, and more such options.

There is much to be told about the M8 monitor, even by the manufacturers. It is yet to be launched and therefore yet to be tested by the experts who can let you the pros and cons of the device. Still, if you are looking for a chick design of a monitor, bundled with plenty of features and support for both Windows and Mac, this Samsung device is conceptually a good one to choose.