Tumblr has announced on Wednesday that it is expanding its tip jar feature to allow tipping for blogs while the feature will support iOS as well as web applications. The initial rollout of the feature came last month, which let Tumblr users tip the blog posts to help the bloggers monetarily. With this expansion, the users will be able to tip the blog level post instead of the particular blog post.

Being a Tumblr user, you can enable the tipping feature for your blog post. To do this, you will have to sign up for tipping which will activate the “Tip” button on your profile’s blog view header. Whereas, if you want to tip a blog, you will need to select the “Tip” button and then choose the level of gift you want to tip. If you are an iOS user, you will have a “Support” button to tip a blog. Meanwhile, Android users will be required to wait as Tumblr is currently working to bring the feature to Android devices.

While tipping a creator, the user can also send a note with their names written. If you decide to go anonymous, you can only tip a post and not send a message. The maximum tip allowed for users to pay is $100 each.

The tip jar feature is a follow-up of Tumblr’s Post+, launched last fall. It lets the creators charge a monthly fee to access the select posts. The feature was not appreciated by the users who said they prefer a tip jar over a monthly subscription. The tip jar feature, therefore, is Tumblr’s attempt to address the users’ feedback.

Like Tumblr, Twitter has launched the tip jar feature last May to quickly tip the creators with one or more taps. Also, TikTok has been testing the feature since October to let the creators get rewarded for their content with tips from fans outside of TikTok LIVE.