Amazon has announced for the users of the United States that they can now ask Alexa to plant a tree by donating $1 each. All one needs to do is ask Alexa devices, “Alexa, grow a tree.” Their Amazon Pay account will be used to serve the purpose, and the customers will be able to track the number of trees they have planted through Alexa.

This movement is Amazon’s endeavor toward its mission to donate $1 million to the environmental charity as part of its collaboration on an initiative named One Tree Planted.

The fundraising program is mainly focused on the four different projects based in the US and India. The funds will be used for the reforestation of land that has been used for mining, logging, and agriculture in Pennsylvania, meanwhile, in California, the foresters will spend their time promoting the vegetation techniques and resource management for the prevention of forest fires, as per One Tree Planted. Also, the Pacific Northwest region will see a plantation of trees near water bodies so as to retain the cleanliness of water for salmon spawning grounds. This will create a great source of food for the orca whales who feed on them. Further, the initiative will expand the horizon to the Indian landscape in an attempt to “fight hunger, improve local economies, and combat climate change.”

These are yet in the plans, and planting a single tree may not bear the fruit of imagination as these are the major issues that need a long-term solution to deal with them. To achieve the purpose, charitable organizations are required to know where and at what exact location should a particular tree be planted to ensure its survival and growth.

Amazon itself has been spilling harmful gases into the air, and its greenhouse gas emissions were seemingly 20 percent higher in 2020 than the years prior, as quoted in its latest sustainability report.